The Different Types of Stone at Natuurlijk Graniet in Haarle

Modern or burgundy? Black or white? Colour or mosaic? We process and deliver marble, slate, quartzite, composite, blue stone and granite in a variety of colours and types. View our extensive range of stones on this page.

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Our Extensive Range: Granite, Marble and Composite


Granite is an igneous rock, which means that it is formed by underground solidified magma. This stone type consists mainly of quartz. Granite is widely used as a natural stone in interiors, such as for 

countertops. This rock is also a very popular choice for ornamental paving. Granite can additionally be used as a stable base for precision processing and measuring machines.


Marble, just like granite, is an igneous rock and consists of pure calcium carbonate. Marble is very popular in sculpting due to its different colours, transparent light and solidity of the material. In addition, marble is very suitable for window sills, floors, fireplaces and places of hygiene.


Composite consists of crushed natural stone and, unlike granite and marble, is made by hand. This rock consists mainly of quartz next to resins. While this material contains natural stone, it is a manufactured product. Composite is mainly used
in interiors because of its firmness and the variety of colour options available.

While we are unable to show you every stone colour, here is a small impression:

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